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Thursday, December 13, 2018

New Faucet Script 'SBCScript'

 I've finished coded of a new faucet site script which can fine run on php 5.6 or above and PDO database.I have coded  the script in such a way that a good programer can add new feature with script or can update style to better look.Don't edit script until you know what are you doing with script otherwise faucet site will misbehave with users.The script Features are-
1. Support all cryptocurrency of faucethub
2. Strong security against Proxy,VPN,TOR And bad IP with help of iphub and .htaccess file
3. Six ads place with one pop ads
4. Multiple pages as Home,Payment Proof,FAQs,News etc
5. Supported Shortlink Verification with api (either a single shortlink verification or back to back two shortlink verification)
6. Search engine friendly
7. Easy admin panel for full control on your faucet
  All the other information such as Installation instruction, config instruction etc are added with script's Readme.txt file. So after download and unzipped the zip file,look at Readme.tex file first.
 If user of the script have facing any problem such as installation setup etc and need help from me,I'll happily to help him/her.
 The script is uploaded on github for download.So click on 'Go to Github' link for download the script on guthub site. I've named the script from my blog's URL Script4download ->S  blogspot-> B com-> C and on adding letters with Script ->SBCScript .

Go to Github

New Update 19 Dec 2018:
 On the new update the Script now support 4 different captcha services (Google recaptcha,Solve media captcha,Rain captcha and Coinhive captcha).Also faucet owner can give option to their site users for claim reward without verify shortlink(s) for some low reward (20% of original reward).

Please note that I've tested the script on Webeyesoft for it's fine working.So I want to suggest to the script's users that use this hosting for the script's site.I'll not responsible for bed behavior of script on other hosting. 

No more help or support will held on this script after 15 March 2019 
 Thanku for reading this post...

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Best And Top paying faucet sites for claim free crypto reward

 This is a post of containing the best faucet sites for claim free crypto reward such as BTC,LTC,DOGE,XMR etc.
 If you reached here on search for best faucet sites for claim free crypto reward ,you are in the best place because in this post I've  shared best faucet sites for claim free crypto reward.
 Please note before claiming reward you must have an account at faucethub because all claiming reward will go your faucethub account and don't forget to add your crypto address for which you want to claim free reward to faucethub account.You also have to use these crypto address during claim free reward which you have added to faucethub account.
 If you not created a crypto address for your interesting currency, follow the link and create your crypto address.
Online crypto address creator

Bitcoin (BTC)
 To earn bitcoin(BTC) reward visit these faucet sites-
Makejar  Adsbtc  Moon bitcoin  Goodfaucet  Donchianchannel  Claimbtc  Satohost

Ethereum (ETH)
 To earn ethereum(ETH) reward visit these faucet sites-
claimcoins  speedup-faucet  coinpou  Konstantinova  want2crypto  bestbitcoinfaucets

Monero (XMR)
 To earn monero(XMR) reward visit these faucet sites-
Konstantinova  Cointerfuge  claimcoins

Litecoin (LTC)
 To earn litecoin(LTC) reward visit these faucet sites-
Claimcoins  Moonlite  Claimltc  Speedup-faucet  Konstantinova  Getfreecoin

Dogecoin (DOGE)
 To earn dogecoin(DOGE) reward visit these faucet sites-
bestbitcoinfaucets  hubcoins  dogecoin-treasurebits  speedup-faucet  Moondoge  claimcoins

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
 To earn bitcoin cash(BCH) reward visit these faucet sites-
Moonbitcoin cash  Amber-bch  Konstantinova  bigbtc  Want2crypto  bestbitcoinfaucets

ZCash (ZEC)
 To earn zcash(ZEC) reward visit these faucet sites-
Amber-zec  Konstantinova  Cointerfuge  Getfreecoin  queenfaucet 

DigiByte (DGB)
 To earn digibyte(DGB) reward visit these faucet sites-
 Konstantinova  Getfreecoin  foxfaucet    Keran

Bitcore (BTX)
 To earn bitcore(BTX) reward visit these faucet sites-
Keran   Bestbitcoinfaucets   want2crypto

Blackcoin (BLK)
 To earn blackcoin(BLK) reward visit these faucet sites-
Bestbitcoinfaucets  Forumcoin  Konstantinova  claimcoins

Dash (DASH)
 To earn dash(DASH) reward visit these faucet sites-
king-dash  ref-hunters  Moondash  Amber-dash  bestbitcoinfaucets  Konstantinova  cointerfuge

Peercoin (PPC)
 To earn peercoin(PPC) reward visit these faucet sites-
Amber-ppc   Konstantinova  Cointerfuge

Primecoin (XPM)
 To earn primecoin(XPM) reward visit these faucet sites-
Want2crypto  Konstantinova 

Potcoin (POT)
 To earn potcoin(POT) reward visit these faucet sites-
Konstantinova  Bestbitcoinfaucets  Keran

 Below are the faucet sites ,can be withdraw any where-
freebitcoin  yannik

Thanku for reading this post...

Friday, August 17, 2018

Guide for create your own top order faucet and earn some good income every month

Hello friends,
 Welcome to my post 'Guide for create your own top order faucet site and earn some good income every month'.In the last post I've guide to create a faucet site without spent a cent and without have any technical codding skill.But on create a free faucet site,monthly income is little bit low while on create a paid faucet site monthly income will become better.So in this post i will guide to create top order faucet site with small spent and earn good income every month.
 if you reached here on search for guide to create a top order faucet site, you are at the best place because in this post I have step by step guide for create a top order faucet site.

 Domain, Hosting,Faucet Script, Faucethub Account,Ads service provider account, Short links service provider account,Captcha service provider,Promote your faucet

You need a domain name for your faucet site.You can buy a new domain at webeyesoft or a free domain freenom.Having a domain name for faucet site is more better than comparison to subdomain name.

 Due to high restrictions on free hosting service, I don't advice for use free hosting for a growing business site.You can find cheap hosting service below.Having paid hosting is better for get ads from top advert sites
hostgator    webeyesoft  

Faucet Script
 For create your faucet,you can use either paid faucet script GR8 or free faucet script Makejar.

Faucethub Account
 Create an account on faucethub and deposit some bitcoin (~300000 satoshis) for giving rewards to claimer from your faucet claim and also to promoting your faucet by using premium account at faucethub.You can also earn satoshis in faucethub account by claiming from other fauset sites.

Ads provider
 Please note that use only A-ads and Coinmedia ads at the begin of your faucet site.when your have good traffic and have good position on Alexa rank (under 100000) then use other ads service otherwise your site will not be approved for ads and your some good income will be stop.Ads service provider are-
A-ads  Coinmedia  Coinzilla  Mellowads  Adhitz

Short links provider
There are a lot of scam short links provider. So I suggest to bitcointalk forum search for best trusted shortlink provider sites.

Captcha service provider
 Google recaptcha,solvemedia captcha,coinhive,hcaptcha etc

 You have collected all things for create a top order faucet site.Now for create your faucet site, point your domain to your hosting account and upload the faucet script and complete the required steps such as 'creating a database ','editing config file according your database' etc.Now go to admin panel of your site and set every things as you get from above details such as faucethub  faucet api,ads code,short link api etc.Your faucet is almost ready now you have to promote your faucet site for this look below.

 To promote your new created faucet site you may follow these steps-
1. Upgrade your faucethub account.
2. Buy service on Alexa site for top your faucet site rank.
3. Buy campaign service from top advert sites such as mellowads,a-ads etc
4. You can promote your faucet by Google advertising service.
5. Share your faucet on media site such as Facebook, tweeter,Pinter ,Google+ etc.
6. Share a Post about your faucet on blogger or other your own blog where you have good traffic.
7. Create video of your faucet site and upload it on YouTube.
8. You can share faucet site with friends.
9.  Earn campaign credit for your faucet site from Mellowads

 Thanku for reading the post...

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Setup your own faucet without any technical skills and absolutely free way

 This is a post for create your own faucet site without having any technical  codding skill and absolutely free way i.e you've not spent 1 cent for setup your faucet site.
 If you reached here on search for create a faucet site with free way and want to guide,this is the best place for you because in this post I have step by step guide for create faucet site without spent a cent.

About faucet site
 Faucet is a site contains a lot of ads of different adverse provider.When a visitor view these ads on your site,you'll earn from adverse provider and then you have pay few percent of your earn to the visitor.You can gain your earning by different ways such as adding shot link on your faucet,adding referal banner to faucet for referral commission etc.

 Faucehub account,Free faucet service provider,ads of different adverse provider, shorter sites account for short your link,Some other faucets,promote faucet

Faucethub account
 For all type transition of cryptocurrency you need a faucethub account.Go to free sigup on faucethub

Free faucet provider
 Please create a account on faucethero  for start your faucet after then click on 'create new faucet' on the next page you've to write your faucet name,choose crypto currency,url,description,timer(normally 15 minutes),Reward( set between 5-10 satoshis) then hit create button.Now go to setting and set your faucet according you.

Ads Provider
 There are a lot of ads provider but few of them allow ads on subdomain or low traffic below I've shared only those sites where you can easily create ads code for your faucet site.
A-ads  Coinmedia  Adhitz

Don't forget to create a popup ads for your faucet because popup ads give you great benefit.

Shorter sites
 For an other way to earn big benefit from your new created faucet site use shorten URL service for your site.I also want to suggest that use api key in the place of shorting URL manually.The best shorter sites can be find on bitcoin forum site.

Other Faucet
 You have almost complete your faucet site.Now you have to credit crypto currency funds on your faucethub account.You can do this by two way.In the first way you can deposit and on the second way have to earn crypto currency funds by joining other faucets can find a lot of faucet sites on bitcoin forum.

Promote faucet
 To promote your faucet you can do this by two way.On the first way by upgrading your faucethub account and on the second way post topic about your faucet at bitcointalk forum, faucethub forum and forun .
 That's it.

Thanku for reading this post...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Free Cryptocurrency Faucet Scripts

 This is a post of free script and in this post I have shared scripts for cteate  faucet site.
 If you reached here on search of script for create a faucet site, you are at the best place because in this post I have shared scripts of different developer and a short description about faucet site.You can also download your interesting script from the official page of the script and also may get more information about the script such as script features,installation guide, requirements etc on the official page.

Short description about Faucet Site
 Faucet is a site contains a lot of ads of different ads provider and different short links services from witch faucet owner can earn.But for earning faucet owner have to big traffic or affiliates on the faucet site.To attract visitors or members, faucet owner give free crypto (BTC,DOGE,KTC etc) reward to each visitor or member for each visit in a regular time interval.Some good ads service provider are a-ads,mellow ads,coinzilla ads etc some good short link service provider are itiurl,adfly,oturl etc.there can be find more short link and ads provider services on bitcointalk forum,faucethub,coinbox forum and Google search.

Scripts are as-
1.   Crypto-currency-faucet
2.   Faucet in a BOX
3.   Faucetinabox-ultimate
4.  Fap Faucet Script

 Thanku for reading this post...