Thursday, December 13, 2018

New Faucet Script 'SBCScript'

 I've finished coded of a new faucet site script which can fine run on php 5.6 or above and PDO database.I have coded  the script in such a way that a good programer can add new feature with script or can update style to better look.Don't edit script until you know what are you doing with script otherwise faucet site will misbehave with users.The script Features are-
1. Support all cryptocurrency of faucethub
2. Strong security against Proxy,VPN,TOR And bad IP with help of iphub and .htaccess file
3. Six ads place with one pop ads
4. Multiple pages as Home,Payment Proof,FAQs,News etc
5. Supported Shortlink Verification with api (either a single shortlink verification or back to back two shortlink verification)
6. Search engine friendly
7. Easy admin panel for full control on your faucet
  All the other information such as Installation instruction, config instruction etc are added with script's Readme.txt file. So after download and unzipped the zip file,look at Readme.tex file first.
 If user of the script have facing any problem such as installation setup etc and need help from me,I'll happily to help him/her.
 The script is uploaded on github for download.So click on 'Go to Github' link for download the script on guthub site. I've named the script from my blog's URL Script4download ->S  blogspot-> B com-> C and on adding letters with Script ->SBCScript .

Go to Github

New Update 19 Dec 2018:
 On the new update the Script now support 4 different captcha services (Google recaptcha,Solve media captcha,Rain captcha and Coinhive captcha).Also faucet owner can give option to their site users for claim reward without verify shortlink(s) for some low reward (20% of original reward).

Please note that I've tested the script on Webeyesoft for it's fine working.So I want to suggest to the script's users that use this hosting for the script's site.I'll not responsible for bed behavior of script on other hosting. 

 Thanku for reading this post...