Friday, March 22, 2019

Best tips for approval Google AdSense on blog at blogger

 Hello friends and welcome in the post.Friends, there are a lot of people who wants to earn money through their blog's traffic by showing ads.The first choice of maximum people for choose best ads revenue service provider is Google AdSense.But due to high restriction maximum blogs failed to approve Google AdSense.There are few people's blog approved for Google AdSense while maximum people's blog failed for approval.Some people have try to multiple times for approval blog but still not successful and feeling difficult to approve their blog for Google AdSense.If so,follow the post's tips (listed below as pointwise).After following these listed tips there will be 80% chances for approval Google AdSense on the blog.We are not grantee for 100% because Google AdSense's terms time to time changes.

Tips for approve Google AdSense on blog
Tips are-
1:-> The blog must be at least 6 months old and listed on Google webmaster (To check a blog for listed on Google webmaster search for URL site:blogaddress i.e.  .If blog's posts appear on search engine, it's indicate the blog is listed on Google webmaster otherwise not listed.).There should also at least 1000 unique IP visitors every month.
2:-> Blog must contains at least 18 well written posts with unique contents i.e. you have written contents of blog posts with yourself and not have copy from anywhere.
3:-> There should be attest 500 words content on every post and written under grammar rules.A blog can not approve for Google AdSense, contains only images and links.
4:-> Don't add any profit material such as referral links,banners,automining code etc with in the blog otherwise the blog cannot be approve for Google AdSense.
5:-> All the links with in blog's posts should be well work.Don't use break or multiple time redirect links within in blog's posts.
6:-> Each post must be simple facing for users and fulfill post promise i.e. If a post of blog promise to user for a PTC script, the post must contain the ptc script.Don't share a complicated post for difficult to understand.
7:-> Blog must contain at least two pages 'Terms & conditions' and 'privacy policy'.Terms & conditions page content indicate blog's terms while privacy page content indicate blog's privacy.
8:-> Don't have any worst material within blog such as drugs, Alcoholic items,adult etc contents.
9:-> Don't create fake traffic on the blog i.e. traffic from PTC site,traffic from surfing site etc.
10:-> Blog must be fulfill Google AdSense terms & conditions.You can check Google AdSense terms & conditions here.
 After following these above listed simple tips there will be 80+% chances for approve Google AdSense for a blog.
 Hope the post help you .thanku for reading the post...