Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions Of The Blog
Using the blog 'script4download.blogspot.com' you'll be bounded of terms and conditions of this blog which are described below as pointwise-
1. Using the blog script4download.blogspot.com author (G.Gupta) and audience or visitors (you) will be bounded the power of blogger (Google).The blog can be deleted by blogger,if they want.
2. You can't such a comment which is not acceptable by the blog or blogger (Google).For example request for gambling site script,online game script,drugs support script,site hack script,Audit script ,Nuled script etc.these script are fully Ban on this blog.
3. We do not promote any adults content so never will be such a comment which include adult contents.
4. We do not promote any worst products like druges,hacking site or such a related products and that's why we don't want such a comment from visitor on the blog script4download.blogspot.com .
4. Using the blog we may take your information like your device IP address and such related things for inquiry of real visitor and some other required purpose with or without notice you.
5. Using the blog script4download.blogspot.com you must respect blogger (Google),author and other visitors.
6. Contents of blog script4download.blogspot.com is their own and so you can not copy and paste the blog contents any other place (site,blog etc).
8. At the date of post all the links (download,demo etc) are work fine.But if the links are not work in future,you can not abouse comments.
7. The blog script4download.blogspot.com always full respects blogger's(or Google's) terms & conditions,policiess,services etc and also hope from my blog visitors (audience) for show.
 The terms and conditions of the blog script4download.blogspot.com can be change or update in any time with or without any prior notice.
 If you don't agree the term and condition of the blog script4download.blogspot.com,please don't use the blog.