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Friday, March 22, 2019

Best tips for approval Google AdSense on blog at blogger

 Hello friends and welcome in the post.Friends, there are a lot of people who wants to earn money through their blog's traffic by showing ads.The first choice of maximum people for choose best ads revenue service provider is Google AdSense.But due to high restriction maximum blogs failed to approve Google AdSense.There are few people's blog approved for Google AdSense while maximum people's blog failed for approval.Some people have try to multiple times for approval blog but still not successful and feeling difficult to approve their blog for Google AdSense.If so,follow the post's tips (listed below as pointwise).After following these listed tips there will be 80% chances for approval Google AdSense on the blog.We are not grantee for 100% because Google AdSense's terms time to time changes.

Tips for approve Google AdSense on blog
Tips are-
1:-> The blog must be at least 6 months old and listed on Google webmaster (To check a blog for listed on Google webmaster search for URL site:blogaddress i.e.  .If blog's posts appear on search engine, it's indicate the blog is listed on Google webmaster otherwise not listed.).There should also at least 1000 unique IP visitors every month.
2:-> Blog must contains at least 18 well written posts with unique contents i.e. you have written contents of blog posts with yourself and not have copy from anywhere.
3:-> There should be attest 500 words content on every post and written under grammar rules.A blog can not approve for Google AdSense, contains only images and links.
4:-> Don't add any profit material such as referral links,banners,automining code etc with in the blog otherwise the blog cannot be approve for Google AdSense.
5:-> All the links with in blog's posts should be well work.Don't use break or multiple time redirect links within in blog's posts.
6:-> Each post must be simple facing for users and fulfill post promise i.e. If a post of blog promise to user for a PTC script, the post must contain the ptc script.Don't share a complicated post for difficult to understand.
7:-> Blog must contain at least two pages 'Terms & conditions' and 'privacy policy'.Terms & conditions page content indicate blog's terms while privacy page content indicate blog's privacy.
8:-> Don't have any worst material within blog such as drugs, Alcoholic items,adult etc contents.
9:-> Don't create fake traffic on the blog i.e. traffic from PTC site,traffic from surfing site etc.
10:-> Blog must be fulfill Google AdSense terms & conditions.You can check Google AdSense terms & conditions here.
 After following these above listed simple tips there will be 80+% chances for approve Google AdSense for a blog.
 Hope the post help you .thanku for reading the post...

Monday, July 23, 2018

Earn good money every month for your referral skill

 Hello friend,
Welcome to my new post 'Earn good income every month for your referral skill'.
If you reached here on search for earn some good income for referral skill,you are at the best place because in this post I have shared all the best sites where can be earn some good income on having referred member.

 In the world there are a lot of people have good income ($100+) every month from their brilliant referral skill.If you have also talent for referred members and want to earn some good income every month from the skill,You just have to follow this post carefully.
 This post is written after gathering information about those people who have already earn some good money for their amazing referral will follow only those sites which are listed here because there are a lot of sites for earn money by refer member, but maximum sites are scam.In the post,I've include only those sites which are paying their members at the time and having best help support for their members.
 So don't waist your amazing referral talent and start to earn some good income for you every month as a side business from your this skill.

 This site contain multiple label affiliate program where member of site refer those people who want to exchange their currency or cryptocurrency such as GBP to USD ,BTC to USD,BTC to DOGE etc.At this site 100+ currency and cryptocurrency can be exchange with minimum fee.

Ysense (clixsense)
 This is an other old and trusted site for paying their members on the time.In this site you can earn for taking survey, completing offer,completing task and also earn by their multi label affiliate program.The site already paid out $100 + billion to their members.

 This is a best site for paying bitcoin(cryptocurtency) from a long time 7+ years.Site member can earn bitcoin for free roll,multiply roll,weekly contest,Multiply bitcoin contest of $30000 and referring other people.The site payout 100+ Bitcoins (almost $700000+ on the date of post) on average every month to their members.

SFI & Tripleclickes 
 This is another trusted oldest (created on 1999) e-commerce site with 7+ million member.This is a business sites which have two parts.first part is sfi,which contains multi label affiliate program and second part is tripleclicks,which contains online store and multiple types games.There are a lot of ways for good income on this business site.Here you can also sale your new or used products such as new or old camera, handset, laptop etc and service such as webhost,domain,software etc.

 This is also best advertising site multiple payment option.The site pay for view ads,complet offer,Doing survey, Monthy Contest and refer member.this is old and best advertising site for their low payout of only $1 instantly and singup with bonus.

 Please note that this post shared only for guide purpose not for sites promoting purpose.
 Thanku for reading this post...

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Trade Crypto currency without using trading site and earn some good benefit every month

 Welcome to my new post 'Trade crypto currency without using trading site and earn some benefit every month '.In this post I've shared information about trading crypto currency without using trade site and earn good benefit every month.
 If you reached here on search for trade cryptocurrency without using trading site and looking for some guide,This is the best place for you because in this poar I have shared information for guide you.

What should I need for trade-
 You have to account on following sites for start trading with crypto currency.First of all create an account on freebitcoin and then create an other account on Bestchannge.You also have to an account on 'Perfect Money' or 'Advcash' or 'Paypal' or any such a  site,where you can deposit or withdraw funds easily from internationally anywhere.
 Now you've to buy some bitcoin using Bestchange site for cheapest exchange rate (your choice currency to Bitcoin) using bitcoin deposit address of freebitcoin account.Now again watch Bestchange site for reverse exchange (Bitcoin to your choice currency) for rising the price of bitcoin and sale the bought bitcoin for price bigger than bought price for good benefit.
 If you carefully trade just using 0.5 to 1 bitcoin, you can earn some good benefit every month.If you're fresh trader in crypto market,I suggest you to start trading with just 0.01 bitcon or 1000000 satoshis.

Benefit of using Freebitcoin-
1. It's give strong security of your bought or earned Bitcoin.
2. The cheapest transition fees compare to other sites.
3. Earn daily interest of your deposited or earned Bitcoins.
4. Here you can also earn free bitcoin up to $200 price every hour.
5. You can participate weekly bitcoin  contest.

Benefit of Bestchange-
1. Providing you best rate exchange site either for buy or sale.
2. Providing you best rating exchange with user comments which can save you to move any scam site.
3. You can also participate their Facebook contest.

Why should not use trade site for trading-
  There are a lot of trade sites on the world but maximum of these sites are scam.that's mean you can deposit easily but can not withdraw easily as deposit.Some of sites show you that you've successfully withdraw your fund but the withdraw fund never reach your account. Some of sites become offline for permanently without any notice you.Some of sites make your fundfull account to empty without any reason.There are a lot of type of scam can happen with your account using trading sites.So,I'm not suggesting you to trade on any fixed trading site.

 Please note that this post is shared only for guide purpose and not to force anyone to do trade with their important money and not to promote doing trade  because it may be big loose of important money.Thanku for reading this post...

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Advertising Scrip

 This is a post of premium script and in this post I have shared script for create new Advertising site.
 If you reached here on search of script for create advertising site and also want to know about advertising site, you are at the best place because in this post I've shared the script with a short description about advertising site. I've also shared different feature of this script.

Short description
 Advertising is a site have two user panel and one admin panel.In the first user panel for selling different type ads(text,banner etc) to advertiser and in second user panel is for publisher to shows ads on their site or app for earn income.So when a advertise buy ads,it will shared between advertising site owner and publisher. Such a service provider are
 a-ads,mellowads etc.

Some Features of the script -
 Publisher - Create channels,Create ads,Track views / clicks,Make money by adding the code into their websites,and more…
 Advertiser - Create campaigns,Create ads,Add money using paypal,and more…
 Admin - Manage users,View users sds,Give money as bonus.,Get bonus back,Disable ads if is needed,View reported ads,View statistics,Mark withdrawals requests as paid,Check users for click fraud,and more…

 Script is Advertising platform

 Please note that  above listed script is premium i.e. you have buy fromfrom official sorce .Thanku for reading this post...

Friday, March 16, 2018

Cryptocurrency Exchange/Trade Script

 This is a post of free script and in this post I have shared script for create cryptocurrency exchange/trade site.
 If you reached here on search of script for create cryptocurrency exchange/trade site ,You are at the best place because in this post I have shared the script and also a short description about cryptocurrency exchange/trade site.You may find more information about the script on it's official site.

Short description
 Cryptocurrency trade or exchange is a site where can be buy or sale(trade) cryptocurrency(BTC,LTC,XMR,DOGE etc) from a local currency (USD,GBP,INR etc) or from a different cryptocurrency.There may be difference between sale and buy for a single cryptocurrency and owner of site can set a small transaction service fee.Thus a site owner can earn some good benefit from starting trading site.

Features of the script-
Atomic swaps,Liquidity management,Margin trading,Admin panel,P2P exchange option,Hot & Cold wallet,Order book,Buy - Sell,Security
Script is Bitexchange

  Please note that to download script you need email address for download link. Thanku for reading this post...

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Currency Exchange Script

 This is a post of premium script and in this post I have shared script for create 'currency exchange' site.
 If you reached here on search of script for create currency exchange site lookalike as changer,7money,changed etc, you are at the best place because in this post I have shared the script and a short description about the currency exchange site.

Short description about currency exchange script
 From currency exchange script you can create your own e-currency exchange site,Where can be exchange one currency to another i.e. USD to GBP ,INR to USD,INR to GBP etc.From currency exchange site can be earn some good profit such as taking exchange fee,service fee etc.

Script is as below-
Currency Exchange Plugin

 Thanku for reading this post...

Thursday, December 28, 2017

World top faucet sites for earn bitcoin,dogecoin etc free way

Hello friend,
 In this post I've shared world best faucet sites which are really paying cryptocurrency(bitcoin,dogecoin etc) from a long time.These sites are 100% legit (tested by myself ).So let's see the sites in number way-
1. Freebitcoin-
 In this site you can win upto $200 value bitcoin every hour.You'll also earn free lottery ticket for big bitcoin draw every week and also earn redeem points for redeem gift or bitcoins every hour.The minimum withdraw is 30000 satoshis .You can also earn from your bitcoin in the form of interest and also can bitcoin mining through browser.

 Freedogcoin is sister site of freebicoin.In this site you can earn dogecoin same way as in freebicoin.There is 50-100 dogecoin is minimum withdraw limit.

 This is site where you can find best currency exchange sites for world any currency.The site also contains faucet where can be earn between 1 to 1000 Santoshis on every hour and you can withdrew at low 3000 satoshis only.
4. Bonusbitcoin-
 This is also a best faucet site where can be earn from 1 to 5000 satoshis every 15 minutes and minimum withdraw is 10000 satoshis.You can also earn from competing offer and playing dose game.

 If you are looking for best cloud mining sites ,I strongly restrict this because maximum (almost 90+%) cloud miners are scam.Still want to earn some great benefit from your bitcoins,I'm suggesting you use freebitcoin (listed above) site.they give you 0.0109859%  benefit of your interest everyday and can withdraw any time.there is no any restriction.The minimum deposit is only 30000 satoshi.
 Thanku for reading this post.