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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Free GamesTools scripts

 This is a post of free script and in this post I have shared scripts to create Game creating tool site or adding a game creating tool in device.
 If you reached here on search of script  to create game tool site where users or members of site can create game for different platform such as android, iOS,window etc or want to added tool to your device ( desktop or laptop),you are at the best place because in this post I have shared script and a short description about the site or tool.

Short description
 Starting a game tool site may give you some good benefit.For example if the created site has good traffic and you have added some good advertise network (Google ads,Amazon ads etc) in the site,this can make some good passive income for you every month.
  If you install the script on your device as game creating tool purpase,you can earn good income by creating interring game and sale it on game market.You can easily find game market Google search.

Scripts are as-
1. Thrive
2. libGDX
3. Turbulenz Engine
4. Cocos2d-x
5. GamePlay v3.0.0
6. MonoGame
7. Phasher

Note that before download and install any script, please read the instruction (at the official page) carefully and take help of installation guide(if given on official page) for install the script of your choice otherwise it may harm your device.Thanku for understanding and reading this post...