Monday, February 15, 2016

Free script for create PTC,GPT,Shrink links site

 This is a post of free script and in this post I have shared scripts for create PTC ,GPT or Shrink site.
 If you reached here on search of script for create PTC or GPT or Shrink links creator site ,you are at the best place because in this post I have shared  the scripts and also shared a short description about the PTC,GPT and Shrink link site.

Short description
 PTC,GPT OR Shorter link is a site where advertiser buy ads place on the site in the form of banner ,iframe for load full page of their site,text etc while site owner shows these purchased ads to their site affiliate (or site members) by giving them (site affiliate) some earning way.this earn is a share of purchased value.thud advertisers buy service shared by site owner and affiliates.

Scripts are as-
1. Clixscript v1.5
2. PTC Evolution v5
3. AdshortLite
4. Pes pro
5. LinxCash
6. 5iveBux
8. Gen3
9. Gen4
10. Evolution v4.6
11. PTCShop Script v2.2
12. bux br
13. Bux 4
14. Zeus PTC Script v2.2
15. Exitlinks 
16. Earninvite
17. GetPaidScene_1.5.5

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